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Individuals who are suffering from pain or other medical issues, but aren’t in an immediately life-threatening condition, can benefit by going to a walk-in clinic. These are designed for easy access, and clients will not have worry about making an appointment.


Our urgent care is dedicated to improving each client’s health and well-being. This often takes the form of pain management. Chronic pain can be among the most frustrating situations for any person, and our doctors are trained to ease this problem.


Other kinds of non emergency medical care are also available. Examples of this include vaccines, physical rehabilitation, and allergy treatments. Our facility also offers non-emergency pediatric care.


Those who are looking for a walk-in clinic that puts the client first should contact us at Primary Urgent Care in Baytown, TX. We utilize the best and the latest treatments.






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  • Excellent Service
  • Quality Urgent Care
  • Dedicated to Client Health


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